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If you still look cute at the end of your workout You aren't working hard enough!

 see you in class!

Fitness Director: 

Magan Vogler 

Magan was born and raised in beautiful Surry County. She has her bachelor's degree from Gardner Webb University in Health Management and a Master's Degree from Liberty University. Health and Fitness have always been an important part of Magan's life. She studied gymnastics throughout her childhood, and has been an avid runner the majority of her life. Magan loves her position as ACC's Fitness Director and is doing a wonderful job keeping up with the continuing changes in the fitness world!!

Class Descriptions

YoCore/ Yogalates
Flowing core strengthening moves to power your body. Pilates is a great way to tone, sculpt, and elongate muscles.
Ditch the workout and join the party! Zumba is a high energy, super FUN cardio dance class that is sweeping the nation! Join in on the fitness craze with the "ACC Z-Team!" and lets burn calories and Party together!
Using the spin-bikes and black lights, this class is set to high-energy, fun music, and will give participants a great cardiovascular workout.  Bring a bottle of water and be prepared to sweat! 
A blend of stretching and strengthening combined with a variety of relaxation techniques.  This class will help you increase flexibility, improve balance, tone muscles, and reduce stress! All levels welcome!
Strong is the NEW Skinny 
A class designed to sculpt and tone your body!  Using different equipment (including yourself), increases strength and boosts metabolism! 
Senior Cardio Strength
A land-based cardiovascular fitness class designed just for seniors that involves various equipment and more movement than Silver Sneakers!  Low in impact but always high FUN!

SilverSneakers ®MSROM (Strength)
A class specifically designed for older adults.  This class starts with a warm-up and then moves to exercises to improve range of motion and muscular strength
Similar to SilverSneakers® MSROM but with added cardiovascular component! Great for those who want a little more than the basic SilverSneakers MSROM class!
SilverSneakers® Chair Yoga
Strengthen, stretch, and relax with the option of using a chair. This class is great for beginners, seniors and/or those with physical limitations.
 Turbo Kick©
Welcome to the new evolution of kick boxing!  Turbo Kick provides an awesome cardio workout for participants of ANY level.  Kick, punch, and jab your way to fitness.  Burn BIG calories!!
Crazy Cardio/ H.I.I.T
This class is designed using HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training! Using short, intense drills you’ll get that heart pumping using just your body for one of the hottest training methods sweeping the nation! Just think Insanity and you get an idea of where we are going here... ;)
("Life Energy Cultivation")  is a practice of aligning breath, movement, and awareness for exercise, healing, and meditation.  QiGong practice involves rhythmic breathing coordinated with slow stylized repetition of fluid movement, a calm mind
full state, and visualization of guiding qi (life force) through the body.

Cardio Circuit
You never know what to expect from this total body circuit training class! Bring your water and your A game! 

Iron Therapy 
Have you always wanted to walk into the weight room and look like you knew what you were doing? Then this class is just for you. Iron Therapy is designed to focus on proper weight lifting techniques. You will work muscles you didn't realize you had and will be amazed at the calories you burn and the results you will see!

Core Barre/ Meet me at the Barre
Fusion of strengthening moves found in classic ballet, Pilates and yoga. These movements not only target major muscle groups, but also smaller stabilizing muscles. The end result gives participants a longer, leaner line and a stronger core.
Cardio Circuit
Tone, Firm, Sculpt, have fun, burn calories! A different workout every class. Strength and cardio for a TOTAL body workout!
POP Pilates
POP Pilates is the new, upbeat way to flatten your abs, lift your booty, tone up your thighs and chisel those sleek arms you've always wanted. This total body POP Pilates mat workout will leave you smiling, but sore the next day! 
This class is for all levels! Get ready for a total body workout that offers strength and cardio drills to give maximum results! P90X incorporates proven principles from personal training and functional strength coaching to give you the best workout possible!
Functional Fitness 
Cardio/ strength training combo that is built around functional movements. This class is designed to build muscle, increase stamina and burn calories. All fitness levels are welcome as the instructor will assist in scaling movements as needed. 


 You've Got to Try...
Group Exercise Classes at ACC!

We offer the hottest group exercise classes led by some of the areas best instructors!

Come join us and get your calorie burn on with a lot of friendly motivation from classmates and your instructor!

 Come on and get your "sweat on!"

*All classes are FREE for members unless otherwise stated.
**Not a member? No Problem! A $5 class drop in fee will get you in to rock your workout!


Personal Training at ACC

We offer competitive personal training rates and 1st rate trainers here at the center! Please call 336-368-2012, for rates, questions and to schedule an appointment with one of our trainers today! 

  We look forward to helping you reach all your fitness goals!


Magan Vogler

Josh Vogler 

Adrian Joyce 

Allison Dotson


ACC's Fitness Center is divided into three areas: A free-weight and circuit training room, a cardio room, and a yoga/spin/stretch room. Our free weight room has all new Hoist fitness equipment! Hoist strength training effectively combines superior biomechcanics with FUN to create an unforgettable movement experience. The sleek design and user friendly machines are the absolute best machines in the area.

Once you go Hoist you can never go back!

Not able to make it to the gym today?! Try these exercises at home for an awesome workout!

Jump Rope
Walking Lunges
Army Crawls
Jump Squats
Lower Leg Raises
Inch Worm Pushups + Tuck Jumps

Repeat as many times as you can in 30 min

1 min each exercise! Enjoy!

March FITNESS classes

8:30-9:15am: H.I.I.T (G)

8:45am: YoCore (A)

9:15am: Iron Therapy (W/R)

: Beginning Yoga (A)

: Chair Yoga (A)

5:30pm: Meet me at the Barre
 (A) *No Barre        3-9-20

6:30pm: Functional Fitness (A) 

8:30am: Bars & Bells (A)

9:15am: Iron Therapy (W/R)

10:30am: Silver Sneakers Classic (A)

1pm: Line Dancing (A)

5:30pm: Dance Fusion Fitness (A) 

: Turbo Kick (A) *No TK class 2-11-20

8:30-9:15am: P90X LIVE (A)

8:45am: Yogalates (Y/S)

9:45-10:30am: Qigong (A)

: Silver Sneakers Circuit (A)

5:30pm: Dance Mix w/ Tracie (A)

6pm: Spin-tacular* (Y/S)

6:30pm: Vinyasa Yoga (A) 

5:15am: Spin-tacular* (Y/S)

8:30am: Strong is the new Skinny (A)

9:15am: Iron Therapy (W/R) 

: Silver Sneakers Classic

6pm: POP Pilates (Y/S) 

6:30pm: P90X LIVE (A) 

Yoga (Y/S)
8:30-9:15am: Spin-tacular* (Y/S)

Meet me at the Barre (A)            

9:15am: Iron Therapy (W/R)

9:45-10:30am: Stability (A)
10:30am: Multi Level Senior Yoga(A)
Mix it up Saturday:

9am: (A)

3-7: P90X 

3-14: CrAzY cArDiO 

3-21: P90X 

3-28: Strong is the new Skinny


Class Key:

G- Gym

A- Aerobics Room

Y/S- Yoga/ Spin Room

W/R- Weight Room

*Indicates a class has a limited # of

 participants. Sign up by calling 336-

368-2012 the day of to reserve your


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